Troubleshooting Known Problems

Anti-virus Deletes Files

When you download JMiner or CreepMiner or start up Blago Miner some antivirus programs will think this is an attack or malware and disable or delete the programs. this is very annoying and you will need to create a folder exception rule in your anti virus program and window defender if that is also creating issues.

Block Chain Not Updating

Some times you get issues where the local wallet will hang or get stuck when updating the blockchain

It will just stay like this for ages and will not update to fully sync :( so we need to popoff some blocks so give it a kick start

Then roll it back 500 blocks. this is only advisable it can be more or less but 500 seems to be a middle of the road number..

Then hopefully the wallet will resync and complete if it does not then report the issue to Discord Chat Group

Unable To Set Recipient

Sometimes if you try to set the reward recipient in QBundle it will fail, just double check that you do have a burst balance of 1 burst and try again.

1.Enter in your address BURST or Numeric

2.Enter in the pools address BURST-YXZW-JH7M-QKR9-9PKBN for burstneon pool

3.Select the wallet you want to use.. use online if you do not have a fully sync local wallet

4.Set Reward then check to see if it was successful or not.. NOTE if it was successful you will need to wait 4 blocks about 20mins

5.You can check the status of if it worked and setup up correctly with this button

Alternative you can setting up the reward over Reward Page

1. Enter in BURST-YXZW-JH7M-QKR9-9PKBN for burstneon (if its not already populated)

2. Enter in your pass phrase for your wallet (the secret one you never ever tell anyone)

Hopefully now it should work if it does not then report the issue to Discord Chat Group

Create Firewall Rule

Some systems require you to set a firewall rule for Qbundle to get in and out this is easy to do

Miner Closes Down

If you have windows 10 then your in for a treat every now and then windows will think you have been online for to long and take it upon itself to reboot the system for updates or fixs.. great this will then in turn close down your miner bit of a pain i know but you can create a shortcut to the miner so when windows restarts it will restart your miner to.

1. Bring up a run prompt and type netplwiz

2. Un tick the check box and Apply

3. Go to you miner and Right Click -> Create Shortcut

4. Go back to run and type in shell:startup

5. Drag the newly create shortcut to this folder

Thats it when windows 10 restart it should log you in and start up the miner for you so you don't have to long downtime.

Time Is Off

Some times your PC's clock will run slightly out over time so its best to install something that will keep the PC time accurate i use NetTime

Resume plotting

Don't panic you can resume plotting if you PC crash's or restarts if you where plotting with xplotter.

1. Start Xplotter again in Qbundle

2. Then Action -> Resume Plotting

3. Select the plot file you want to resume