Tutorial Configuration Of QBundle

25% Complete (Still More Work To Do)

Get Qbundle

The first step will be to get the Qbundle Download Qbundle Releases.

Download Qbundle

Grab the portable version for ease.

Extract Qbundle Zip

Now that you have the downloaded .zip file unzip the contents to a location of your choice this will be where everything will be saved and stored so select some thing easy for your setup... Once unzip in the location of your choice click on BurstWallet.exe

Qbundle First Use

This is the first screen that is shown after completing the step before.. the items should be green as per the picture above if they are red then you can install the items it needs (this is automatic and done by the installer...

Qbundle First Load

Once it has fully installed you will be at this screen just take a note of the version you are on and look to see if there is red at the end advising of a update.

Update Qbundle

Click on File then Check For Updates to check what needs updating or any available updates.

Downloads Available

If any of the items are red then there are updates so click next to download and install them.


Updates downloading wait for them to download and install.

Stop Wallet

Once all updates are completed and the wallet restarts then stop the wallet as you may as well install the latest DB if you are not already on it. there are security and stability benefits for using mariadb over H2 so we may as well install it now

Update Database

From the main screen select database and change database.

Select Database

You should already show as H2 as current so just select MariaDB Portable and click install and follow the instructions and wait for it to complete and install.

BootStrap The Chain

Click on database again and this time bootstrap chain this will take around 1 hr to complete but it is faster then previous versions. NOTE: you do not need to bootstrap the chain if you plan to NEVER use a local wallet OR you are solo mining(solo needs around 100tb of plots to be worth it) it is just more secure to keep a copy of the chain on your local system and send transactions from it to avoid bot/hacks/man in the middle attacks..

Now Create Account

Once you have downloaded the chain and it has completed you can now create a account for your wallet. click on the "Don't have account link" and follow the screens to create an account.. NOTE you must save the pass phase safe and securely and NEVER share it with anyone EVER. the screens will get you to put it in twice to be sure you copied it correctly

First Login

Once you have created your account and signed in you are now seeing the main dashboard


On the left hand side in the black bar you can see your BURST address, this is what you use for receiving Burst, if you left click it you get a popup that will let you copy your numeric id and you burst address

Thats It

For now the initial setup is complete and the next time you restart the Qbundle or the Wallet you will see the downloading and updating blockchain just leave this running until it says fully sync in green, then you can sent BURSTS.. this is not needed if you are using the online version of the wallet

Next Step! You now have a installed and updated version of Qbundle now you need to go to "Getting 1st Burst" click the button..  Getting 1st Burst »