Tutorial Generate Plot & Reward Recipient for BurstNeon

75% Complete (Still More Work To Do)

Option 1 Blago Xplotter CPU Plotter

This plotter is built into the Qbundle

1. Click the button to the right and select the folder where the plot files will be created.

2. Enter in your numeric account number (get it from the wallet on left hand side if you didn't save it)

3. This is a slider and you can change the size of the plot file on the drive to the size you like

4. Just check that the Threads and Memory are ok for your system

5. Then click "Start Plotting" depending on your PC this will take a long time to complete

6. Once the plotting has completed you plots will show up here

7. If you want to import previous plots you can here

As the plotting can take days depending on many things like CPU/Memory and HDD speed there is a risk you may shut it down or close the plotter window by mistake plotting can be restarted if this happens watch You Tube Resume Plotting

Option 2 Turbo Plotter GPU-CPU

This is a separate program and needs to be downloaded from HERE .

Once you have downloaded it i would extract it to the same folder as where Qbundle was extracted and keep everything in there.

Then run the TurboPlotter.exe from that folder then you will see the below.

The first time you run the program it will ask if you have pre existing plots or not this is to get the account id for your plots, if you already have plots you can select YES and point to the plot files OR you can select NO and you will be asked to put in your account id. make sure you put in the id correctly and accurately as all mining will be done on that id file.

1. Select what device you want to plot with GPU or CPU

2. OPTIONAL. you this if you have a spare SSD drive kicking around that you want to stage the plot files on then move them to slower hdd after

3. Select the folder where you want the plot files to be saved

4. OPTIONAL. you can click on the text and change the starting nonces if you want but best just leave it as Auto and below that you can select the RAM to use if you have more then whats calculated but just best to leave these as default.

5. Then start plotting this will also take a long time depending on your PC and if you have a good GPU and SSD in use the time taken will be a lot faster.

Great Work! so far but there is still some work that needs to be done... While we wait for all the plots to be generated we can now think about pools.. There are 2 ways of going forward now so be careful what route you take as you only have that 1 precious burst in your wallet and you only want to use it for what you need to..
Warning! You only have 1 burst all actions below cost 1 burst..

Option 1 Solo Mining

This is for 100TB or more plot files. Cost 1 burst

1. You only need to set the account id in the wallet so you can get a public id

It will cost you 1 burst to setup account name so only set it if you want to solo mine Also make sure your local wallet is running and fully sync.

Option 2 Pool Mining

This is for small miners less then 100TB down to 1TB. Cost 1 burst

You need the pools reward id so you can set that up then go to reward recipient in Qbundle

1.Enter in your address BURST or Numeric

2.Enter in the pools address BURST-YXZW-JH7M-QKR9-9PKBN for burstneon pool

3.Select the wallet you want to use.. use online if you do not have a fully sync local wallet

4.Set Reward then check to see if it was successful or not.. NOTE if it was successful you will need to wait 4 blocks about 20mins

5.You can check the status of if it worked and setup up correctly with this button

Next Step! Ok thats you plotted and joined a pool now you need to go to "Setup Miner" click the button....  Setup Miner »