Room Miners TOTAL BALANCE Total Hash Room
#1 25 / 10 0.000 Burst 0 Hashes
#2 0 / 10 0.000 Burst 0 Hashes

A room has four free seats, all miners collect hashes with the Cryptonight algorithm. The collected hashes are converted into burstcoin via web tokens and added to the total pool balance. Each miner is paid according to the percentage of his hashes, from the converted sum of the burst pool balance. A miner is paid if he has collected at least 0.2 burst coin or if there is a 0.01% share of the historic shares. If none of the above criteria apply, the miner will be removed from the room and the seat is available again.


The webminer is intended for people who have free processor capacity, want to take the first steps in burstcoin or faucet hoster. The webminer does not replace the actual mining of burstcoin and should not be used as the main source of income. By using the webminer, more demand for burstcoin is generated on the exchanges, which can lead to an increase the value by large number of users