Miner Configs !!!

Please choose the config help for the miner you wish to use...

Creepminer Configs

Edit the mining.conf file in the extracted folder

1. Go to "Plots" line

"plots" : [
"path" : [
"type" : "parallel"

2. Then go to "processorType" line

"processorType" : "CHANGEME",

You can change this to CPU or OPENCL if you have the creepminer version thats compiled with OPENCL

3. Then go to "targetDeadline" line

"targetDeadline" : "2y 0m 0d 00:00:00",

change the deadline date to the pools deadline

4. Then go to "urls" line

"urls" : {
"miningInfo" : "CHANGE ME:",
"submission" : "CHANGE ME:",
"wallet" : "CHANGE ME",

Put in the miningInfo and submission the pools address of

Put Wallet as https://wallet.burst.cryptoguru.org:8125/

That should be that for setting up creepminer just start the program and all should be ok.

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Blago Configs

Edit the miner.conf file in the Qbundle Folder -> BlagoMiner

1. Go to line 2 and set "Mode" to
"Mode" : pool,

2. Go to line 3 and set "Server" to
"Server" : burstneon.com,

3. Go to line 4 and set "Port" to
"Port" : 8080,

4. Go to line 6 and set "UpdaterAddr" to
"UpdaterAddr" : burstneon.com,

5. Go to line 7 and set "UpdaterPort" to "UpdaterPort" :8080,

6. Go to line 9 and set "InfoAddr" to
"InfoAddr" : burstneon.com,

7. Go to line 10 and set "InfoPort" to
"InfoPort" : 8080,

7. Go to line 15 and set "Paths" to
i.e ["G:\\Plots","F:\\Plots"],

7. Go to line 16 and set "Cache" to
i.e i use 40000,

7. Go to line 10 and set "UseHDDWakeUp" to
"UseHDDWakeUp" : true,

7. Go to line 10 and set "TargetDeadline" to
"TargetDeadline" : 630720000,

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JMiner Configs

Edit the JMiner.properties file in the extracted folder location

1. Go to line 42 and enter in your plot folder locations i.e plotPaths=G:\\Plot 1,G:\\Plot 1a.

2. Go to line 63 and set poolMining to true if mining in pool i.e poolMining=true

3. Go to line 65 and set targetDeadline to the pool max deadline i.e targetDeadline=630720000

4. Go to line 92 and set numericAccountId to your numeric id

5. Go to line 93 and setpoolServer to the pools server name burstneon.com:8080

6. Go to line 136 and set platformid to your gpu platform id i.e 0

7. Go to line 137 and set deviceid to your gpu device id i.e 0

You can just start the miner and check the output for the platformid and device id if you don't know what it is.

That should be it try and run the jmimer program from the start.bat file in the directory where the .properties file is

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JSON Note: if you have edited the JSON file yourself then there is a good chance that it needs to be validated as you could have added in a tab or a space where it shouldn't be so get it checked HERE