Tutorial Get First Burstcoin

50% Complete (Still More Work To Do)

Lets Get That Burst

You may have to try many faucets but not all work.

1. First try Faucet BurstPay

2. Ask in BurstNeon Chat and some kind donor may help you out

3. Google search for burstcoin faucets and see if any new ones pop up that work

You can also buy bursts on a exchange like Poloniex OR Bittrex just remember that you need a public key to be able to send bursts from a exchange to your wallet but if you toasted your first one by setting account name rather then setting the pool then you can buy some to fix that.

Next Step! You should now have a burst on its way to your wallet and ready for the next step. now go to "Plots And Pools" click the button...  Plots & Pools »